What Are Kick-On Cards?

Kick-On Cards are pocket sized cards with positive affirmations specifically designed for equestrians. There are a variety of packs available so check out the Shop for all the options. Each card is designed to be visually gorgeous to look at and easy to remember, covered in quintessentially equestrian patterns with a modern colourful twist. They have a double sided laminate finish to protect from most horse-induced dirt.

They’re simple really

  • Negative mindset is a learnt behaviour. If our mind trains us to be scared of something, we can retrain it to think positively.

  • Positive affirmations replace the negative thoughts we have with positive ones until it comes naturally to associate what we’re doing with positivity.

Make it happen

  • Pick a pack for the discipline you’re having difficulty in, or the original pack for every day riding nerves.

  • Pick one or two cards which relate to what’s making you nervous.

  • Keep it with you, memorise the words, the colours and patterns. Think of how you WANT to feel when you remember this card, visualise yourself doing what makes you nervous, feeling brave, in control, relaxed.

  • If you feel nerves creeping in; in or out of the saddle; visualise your card, tell yourself the words, remember the colour and pattern. Ride how you visualised, feel brave, in control, relaxed.

  • Push yourself. You can do more than you know.

  • Repeat.